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The Handcrafted Contact Data idea was born out of an age old marketers problem. We (the marketing team of an IT Software Reseller) were under unrelenting pressure to provide our growing sales team with new, targeted leads on a daily basis. In order to get these leads, we had to do some email marketing - and to do the email marketing, we needed targeted contacts.


So, as any marketer would do - we decided to go and buy a batch of contact data. We spoke to a broad spectrum of data brokers, who all assured us they had the best data. We got promised "ultra low bounce rates", "above industry standard accuracy" etc. Turns out no matter how much, or how little we spent on each contact, they were mostly terrible. The problem was even worse when it reached the sales team, turns out the "IT Directors" we were buying had either left years ago, or even worse, weren't IT Directors at all!


We realised that the only way to get good, accurate and fresh contacts was to do it ourselves. So we employed a young team to start finding our target audience, and contact-by-contact manually entering their details into our CRM. We started refining the process, and started getting really good at it. We got so good infact, that we decided to start offering this manual data crafting as a service - and so Handcrafted Data was born.

We now supply the majority of the top 10 global technology companies on a regular basis, as well as the leaders of various other industries. We work with a plethora of customers both large and small, and pride ourselves on our 90%+ customer retention rate.


Handcrafted Contact Data is a part of Virtual Subsidiary Ltd., which has a management team with a combined 100 years of operational experience and an outstanding track record in growing and running technology companies throughout the world. We deliver a low risk, fast start entry into Europe (EMEA), Asia Pacific (APAC) or North America. To learn more about Virtual Subsidiary and what we do - why not visit our website.


Handcrafted Data is unique. We are unique as all of the data we provide is produced in-house, and each project is bespoke to each client. This means that we do not have a database of contacts that we pull from, which in turn means that our data never ages. Each time we start a new project, we start from scratch - even if another client recently requested the same contacts. 

We start our process by working with you to understand your organisations unique target audience. Your Data Manager will personally refine your criteria with you to the point where we are able to provide contact data that is relevant, and where there is a sufficient data count for your needs and requirements. We are not bound by database restrictions, which means if contacts exist - we can most likely find and supply them.

Once we understand your criteria, we will begin by producing a small sample of data for you to review. Should the data not meet your expectations for any reason, your Data Manager will work with you to understand why and further refine your criteria.

At the point where you are happy with the data sample, we begin the process of producing your data. A team of data crafters work with your Data Manager to search for and create contacts that match your criteria. This process takes time (expect 5-7 business days for 10,000 contacts), due to the manual involvement required in producing your data.

Once the data is created, your Data Manager will review the contacts to ensure the contacts have abided by your target criteria. If satisfied, the contacts will begin making their way through our multiple stages of verification.

At this stage the contacts are subjected to 3 strict stages of verification, contacts that do not pass through any one of these steps are eliminated and removed from the database. We typically lose around 30% of the contacts available due to our strict verification methods. Although frustrating, our reputation is based on the quality of our contacts - and so we follow a quality over quantity philosophy. We will only supply and charge for 100% clean contacts.

At this point, the data is finally ready to be sent to the client. The Data Manager will review the data with you to ensure the criteria is correct, and work with the data team to make any corrections if required. If satisfied, the process is now complete.

When utilising the data, we offer a 100% guarantee for the first 30 days of ownership. This means that should you get any hard bounces when emailing the data, we will replace or refund these contacts immediately with no questions asked.








We provide industry leading global B2B contact data,

produced contact-by-contact by our data crafters. Our data is 100% guaranteed, and bespoke to each client.


Our specialist services include:

  • Highly targeted contact data for email marketing

  • Contact data for individuals in targeted accounts

  • Existing contact database cleansing and appending

  • Advanced email marketing campaigns